Guru Raviji or, Soorya Raviji, has been practicing yoga for the past 25 years in the Himalayan tradition. His contributions to Kriya Yoga, Kallori yoga and Yoga mind therapy , mastered through his spiritual practices and journeys with the great sages and seers have earned him worldwide reputation. He serves as the General Secretary of the Yoga Teachers Association in South India, is also the Director of the Sivasoorya Yoga School, and the founder and Director of the Sivasoorya. Raviji has mastered yoga and combined it with traditional Ayurveda, and the Sivasoorya Ashram established by Raviji himself, has by now established a reputation as a Yoga-cum-Ayurveda Centre. At the Centre the students from different countries are given specially drafted Yogic psycho therapy for healing of the body and mind.