Here is India’s most authentic Ayurveda Healing Ashram, run by the traditionally well


This is my fourth visit to Ayurveda Ashram. It was a great joy and happiness during my stay at ayurveda healing Ashram. I came with many physical and mental issues. Raviji taught me how to balance my emotions and maintain the mental health and physical health, Raviji is a rare flower and a healer. I was eating very health food, I am highly appreciate the quality of all therapist they are compassionate love and taking care of me every movement. Beautiful garden and atmostsphere, twenty four hours sea cool breeze. Dr. Shanavas a sense of humour great Doctor, Dr. Nisha is a young very knowledgeable doctor they are taking care of my physical health. My life is totally transformed, words cannot express to entire Sivasoorya ashram Team.

Majitha Ami MalaiAfrica



Many changes in my life, the counseling with Raviji was so helpful to overcome my stress, depression and anxiety, I am happy that I choose a right place. The staff dedication is very good, they are working as their home. The room service, food, and all other service are marvelous.




I was spent 21 days treatments for my back issues, obesity, stress and many, the treatments including Panchakarma (detoxificaion) and yoga therapy was really, really good and I have been to others as well Dr. Shanavas and therapists are wonderful, healing touch. I had been experiencing what I thought was sciatic and back pain for 4-5 months; I couldn’t stand or walk for more than 1 or 2 minutes without pain and numbness. After 21 days treatments, I am so much better physically, and mentally. I will recommend this healing centre to all my friends and family. The food was so delicious, rooms are clean and neat beautiful garden and occean. Ravijis yoga and yoga therapy help me lot to overcome my physical and mental issues. I am happy that, I choose a right place.

Margarita Fernandez



It was a great experience in my life at the ashram, I had visited other Ayurveda centers, but it is very different experience at Sivasoorya ashram, the treatment method is well organized according my issues, food is excellent (organic delicious food) yoga and yoga mind therapy also excellent.

Verity Smith

United Kindom


Namaste, it is a pleasant feeling to write a few words about this peace centre, the Ayurveda doctors, therapist are professional and caring. Since ten years I was practicing yoga and meditation at home, but Raviji’s yoga and mind therapy is the best ever I had in my life.




I have spent three week treatment at Ayurveda healing ashram, excellent treatments, yoga therapy, hospitality, best service, the staffs are excellent, I had many issues, but now I am so happy to return back at home.

Madeleine Angela



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