As per ayurveda, human body has three important Doshas or error that is Vata, Pitta and Kapha —psycho-physiological (mind-body) constitutions—which commands the overall wellbeing of a person. Here in this post, we are discussing about one of such Doshas, which is Pitta Dosha.

Understanding Three Doshas in Ayurveda and what type of dosha you are is really important for you as well to understand and thus care for your body better. Responsible for regulating and managing the heat elements, metabolic activities and all transformations that happen in the body and mind, Pitta is another contributor to the overall physical and mental wellness of a person. It is the job of this dosha to digest the foods that we consume; help each person use the sensory perceptions to figure things out; and effectively segregate between the right and good—shaping the conscience of a person. Since pitta is mostly concerned about the metabolic activities and functions of the body, it is really important to balance the pitta dosha in your body to render your body healthy and mind content. Nine Unique Physical Traits That Can Tell If Your Dosha Is Pitta Pitta is one of the three ayurvedic psycho-physiological (mind-body) constitutional types such as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each of it has tremendous importance in the holistic health of a person. It is through an effective balance of these three doshas that a person functions and when it comes to ayurveda treatment, finding out what type of dosha a person is really important. It is understood that a Pitta person has a set of physical attributes and by really observing the same, one can easily understand if a person is of Pitta dosha. These attributes are given below; The nature of the person’s hair Most Pitta people are tend to have fine hair with certain qualities such as straight, light, blonde, red, graying early, or balding. If your hair has any of these characteristics, you can easily come to the conclusion that the chances of you being a Pitta person are really high. Low tolerance to hot weather Some people find it extremely hard to tolerate hot weather and they hate to be in such hot, humid conditions. It can indicate that you are a Pitta person since they have low tolerance to hot humid weather conditions. Sweaty in nature They are people who sweat easily even with little to no physical labor such as even walking. Easily sweating can point towards the fact that your dosha is Pitta. Cannot delay or miss meal

Pitta people are very particular towards their eating and they really don’t entertain the idea of missing or delaying their meal. They always find a way to have their meal on time. If you happen to be such a person, it could be because Pitta is your dosha. Good appetitive and heavy eaters Pitta people tend to have good appetitive and have no problem eating big meals. That’s the reason they hate delaying or missing their food. If you have such a nature and love to eat heavy meals, Pitta dosha can be stronger in you than the other two. Disciplined bowel movements Pitta people do not mostly have any kind of concerns with their bowel movements. It is often regular and normal. There could be occasional loose stools but, that’s it. They hardly ever experience constipation. They like cool drinks and food Pitta people are lovers of cool drinks and cold foods such as ice creams. They often crave for them. If you love drinking cool drinks and lick on ice creams, it is because you are mostly a pitta person. Pitta people always feel hot Most pitta people always feel hot and they are incredibly intolerant to hot weathers. Next time if you feel hot and the person with you does not, think that it is because you are a Pitta person and the other is not. Eating spicy, hot foods can upset stomach If you experienced upset stomach after eating spicy and hot foods, it is because you are a Pitta person. Pitta persons have great difficulty in tolerating spicy and hot foods and that’s why they love ice creams and cool drinks. Carefully going through these can help you understand if you or anyone else for that matter is a pitta person or not. The physical attributes that make you a Vata-person In ayurveda, every person is a combination of three ayurvedic psycho-physiological constitutional types such as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. One of these is dominant in a person determining his/her physical and mental traits. But how do we know if your physical attributes make you a Vata person? Let us see here;

If the following attributes of your physical nature apply to you strongly, you can make certain that you are mostly a Vata person on the physical side. Thin Physique Most of the people who are Vata are thin in their build. They don’t gain weight easily, even if they eat heavy meals. Despite eating regularly on time, if a person does not put on weight, then it might Vata in nature. The Nature of Skin Do you have dry skin usually and it becomes more so in winter? It could be because your ayurvedic mind-body constitutional type is Vata. Dry skin is a characteristic of people who are Vata in nature. Cold Feet and Hands Have you wondered why your hands are feet are cold most of the times? It is because your body falls in the Vata category of ayurvedic psycho-physiological constitutional types. The Nature of Physical Conduct Most of the persons who tend to fall on the side of Vata are really active. They find it hard to sit ideally and lethargic. They are naturally inclined to indulge in some sort of activities that require them to use their body. Such people are also quick—they want to do everything quick and finish it so that they can move on to the next activity. Energy Level Vata-natured people often experience frequent energy fluctuations and it can come in bursts.

Would you rather be out on a hot day than on a cold day? That’s because you are a vata person. Most vata people find adjusting in cold weather very difficult but are often comfortable in hot, humid conditions. You think you have all of these problems more often than not? Then it suggests that your physical attributes indicate you to be a Vata person predominantly.